Scott Hutchinson, My Hero

It breaks my heart to announce that Scott Hutchinson, my hero, has passed away. For those who don’t know Scott, he’s the frontman of Frightened Rabbit, one of my favourite bands. He is a man of incredible talents and I can’t begin to explain what we have lost.

Scott Hutchinson Frightened Rabbit

Scott Hutchinson – Photograph by Sandeep Beep

Frightened Rabbit first came to my attention when I was teen. During episodes of One Tree Hill, I’d jot down lyrics from the soundtrack and then google all the good songs afterwards. I remember clearly the episode when I first heard Frightened Rabbit and since that day I’ve been a massive fan.

Their music takes you on a journey with powerfully honest lyrics, with talk of love, loss, life and death. As I write this a wave of sadness floods through me, as the poignant lyrics and imagery of Floating in the Forth bring about the realisation of Scott’s passing. News reports suggest Scott took his own life in that very same location. The song, released in 2008, a decade ago, has a line which says, “I think I’ll save suicide for another year.” It’s a powerful statement. It seems Scott did save suicide for another year. I’m proud of him for living each and every year; I’m filled with more sadness knowing that he couldn’t keep going anymore.

Scott battled openly with Mental Health issues, and his honesty created a huge base of loyal fans. He allowed mental health to become a conversation, a meaningful one, rather than an issue. The frankness of his lyrics put into words what so many people felt. His ability to do that was something that very few artists have managed to do in the same way.

I could sit here all afternoon and tell you all about Scott and what he meant to me. You could hear about the times I saw him playing live, or about that moment we met. I could create a playlist, making sure to include, “Keep Yourself Warm,” just because the lyrics are brilliant. I won’t do that though. I’m just going to sit here, sing my heart out and wait for the moment of realisation to hit me, that Scott has really gone. He will be really missed.



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