Pretty as Polly

Meet my friends Peter and Paul. Do you remember the nursery rhyme?

Two little birds sat on a wall,
One called Peter, One called Paul,
Fly away Peter, Fly away Paul,
Come back Peter, Come back Paul!

*add some enthusiastic clapping because you’re 3 years old, and having the best time ever!*

Ahh nursery, those were the days… Sorry I get distracted easily. Meet my feathery friends who were a created through the Copy challenge, as part of the PrePerfection Challenge for watercolours.

I had to apply the term Copy to this painting, so I loosely copied an image of a parrot, and then I copied my copy and gave him a little friend. I think they look quite sweet. They are no way perfect, but then again they aren’t supposed to be, so I’m happy.


15 August 2016
9 September 2016



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    17 October 2016

    Very nicely done. I really like how you started off your post with a childhood rhyme. It hooks the reader into continuing through the post. It would have been easy to say oh here is a watercolor that I done, but your introduction was clever! The watercolor picture is beautiful. You have a good talent with that!

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      Pots of Tea

      18 October 2016

      Thank you Mary 🙂 I’m glad you mentioned at that, as I was tempted to do a post and just put pictures in and do the bare minimum of writing. But you’ve reminded me that the point of blogging is to write and share more than any picture can say alone. There’s Instagram for just pictures.I’ll remember to put in just as much effort in my blog post as I do into the things that inspire the post 🙂


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