Presents & Prizes: Christmas Edition.

Christmas seems forever ago now, but this is the first time since then, that I’ve had the time to pause and write.

This year I received the most amazing presents ever!

In all honesty I thought I had snapped up some more photos of my presents, but it seems I can only find this summary photo. It’s a pretty good picture which shows you most of my awesome gifts! I was really lucky this year. I got lots of little things which I absolutely love – Stationery, Books and Chocolate. What more could I ask for? I was a very happy young lady when I opened this all up on Christmas day.


December was generally a great month for me. There were loads of competitions running and so I took my chances and entered into as many as I could. Of course I stuck to things I actually wanted, but there was still plenty to enter.

I was really lucky and won so much stuff. I decided to keep all my parcels sealed until the big day, and on the 25th I finally opened them all! (YAY for extra christmas presents!!)

Thank you to all those who ran giveaways over the festive period. I love my prizes.  <3

I have to say, out of everything I received this year, one present really stood out to me and it was the sweetest gift of all. My beautiful cousin Kim had read my blog post about feeding the homeless and so she decided to give me 7 pairs of gloves to donate to the homeless. I have never ever received such a precious gift. I was literally close to tears by the pure kindness and I am so proud of Kim for doing something extra special.


I couldn’t have asked for anything more this Christmas. I am so lucky to have had amazing company, fantastic food and lots of beautiful gifts. Let’s hope every year can be as good as this one!


12 January 2017



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