Makeup Tips For Beginners

As a now fully converted beauty lover, I wish I’d known about these tips when I first started using make-up. I’ve definitely had my fair share of ridiculous makeup looks throughout high school, college and even university. However, since graduation I’ve learnt a lot more about my skin and the best makeup for myself. Of course everyone is different so I thought I’d put together a basic help guide to makeup.

Beautiful woman with amazing makeup

Prep Your Skin

Preparing your skin for makeup is essential and it’s stopped the amount of breakouts I’ve had on my skin. Most recently I’ve had them due to stress but as long as you combat this problem with the right products, then hopefully your skin will feel and look a little better. A day cream is always a good start as it keeps the pores protected and I find my makeup always looks more pristine when the skin has been given it’s daily moisturiser. Shop around for a good day cream as your skin is individual to you and your lifestyle. My skin loves a thin cream, that’s hydrating but sinks into the skin easily.

Foundation/B.B Creams

A foundation is the one product I’ve constantly struggled with since I started wearing makeup and I’m still not sure whether I have the right one or shade. The best thing to do is to approach a beauty counter at your local drugstore and ask 2-3 different beauticians (if there’s that many available) to show you the best foundations for your skin. I say 2-3 because it’s good to get a mixture of opinions. I also recommend asking for samples to take away and to try on your skin. I think getting the right shade is the most important as you want one that’s going to look natural and not bright orange like some of the girls in my high school.

A good tip is to try it on your hand to see if it’s close to your skin colour. B.B creams are something I’ve discovered more recently and they are basically an all in one moisturiser, concealer and foundation. It’s a great product if you don’t want to be using multiple beauty products and just want to stick to the one thing. Most of them also contain SPF so they are great for the Summer as well.

Makeup brushes

Beauty Tools

Over the past year have I just discovered the Beauty blender sponge. This has been a game changer for me not only for creating a better finish to my makeup but to also save on product. When I was at high school, I used my fingers to apply makeup and although it’s not the most hygienic, it does work when applying concealer under the eyes and eyeshadow. After switching to makeup brushes, I thought I would be set in my ways but ever since getting a Real Techniques Beauty Blender, I now always apply my foundation and concealer with the beauty blender. You end up using less product and dabbing the blender actually creates a better finish and coverage on the skin.

A good tip for bronzer is to use a loose bristled brush as you get less of a harsh finish. Fanned brushes are great for highlighter and a dry beauty blender is perfect for baking.

Makeup brushes and eyeshadow

Eye Makeup

The best way to get your eye makeup on point? Trial and error. Watch YouTube videos as there’s a wealth of beauty inspired videos to help you create the perfect winged eyeliner or a show-stopping smokey eye. I personally find applying a little bit of tape to the corners of the eye helped me create a more dynamic look. I also recently found some eye stencils you can get on Ebay/Amazon to help create an eyeliner flick effortlessly.

My main tip is a little tends to go a long way, so build up the product on the eyelid rather than going straight in with a brush full of product.


When I’m applying make-up, lips are the last thing that I think about. If I have a darker eye, I always go for a lighter lip. The amount of times I’ve rubbed off lipstick because I look like a circus act or pantomime dame is too shameful to admit. Also lips tend to be the most vulnerable to damage, especially during the winter, so always apply a lip balm before applying lipsticks/glosses and try and exfoliate your lips every few days with a stimulating lip scrub.

Lipstick Collection

Some of this information may be obvious to the more experienced amongst us but we forget that we all had to start at the same place, so I hope these tips provide the makeup newbies out there, the first stepping stones into the complicated world of beauty.

Guest blogger: Natalie

Twitter: @NatalieAnnxox
Instagram: @UpYourVlog



  1. Reply

    Sarah Bella

    20 March 2017

    Brilliant post and tips! I also have discovered beauty blenders recently and wow, also a game changer for me too, they’re amazing! Love the idea of eye stencils. I’m not very good with eye make up (I think I lack the patience for it!) so stencils would suit me perfectly, hehe. Lovely post, I really enjoyed reading! xx

  2. Reply


    20 March 2017

    some great tips here for people starting out doing makeup 🙂

  3. Reply

    Lynne Harper

    20 March 2017

    What a fabulous a very informative post. I have changed what I use so much over the years. I now swear by saving and buying good brushes. Must show this to my daughter as she has started experimenting with makeup lately

  4. Reply


    20 March 2017

    Great tips! Throughout the years I’ve found that the best tip is prepping your skin and ensuring your skin is in good condition. x

  5. Reply


    20 March 2017

    A fab post and some brilliant tips too, especially as I am a total novice when to comes to makeup, skincare i’ve got down to a T, but make arghhh not so much lol!

  6. Reply


    20 March 2017

    This is a great post! I’ve worn make up for years, but only recently felt like I actually do it properly! Haha

  7. Reply

    UB Rey

    22 March 2017

    I’m upping my makeup game this yr and this is the perfect place to start! So helpful 🙂 thank you!

  8. Reply


    22 March 2017

    These are such great tips for make up rookies!!

  9. Reply


    23 March 2017

    BB Creams are, quite literally, a lifesaver. They leave the skin feeling soft and give a bit of coverage too, I love them, especially Dr Jart.

  10. Reply


    23 March 2017

    Love these tips. I’d also say don’t forget to clean your brushes! When I first got into doing makeup, it wasn’t even something I thought to do, oops!!

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