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Welcome to my latest blog Sandeep Beep Blogs. I’ve decided to share the joyous and wonderful parts of my life in one happy little place. I’ll share with you my new interests, hobbies, happy moments and anything else lovely.

There’s lots to talk about. Did you know I’ve started knitting? I’ve already completed half a cushion cover and one sock. I’m currently on sock number 2. The socks are going to be a present for my best friend. I can honestly say sock 1 is an OK attempt at a sock, but sock 2 looks far better, which just goes to show how quickly I’m improving. I’ll share some pictures with you soon.

Just because I’m in love with the whole sock knitting idea, I’m going to share a wonderful link, which tells you how to make your own pair! CLICK HERE for your link to Zoom Yummy’s tutorial.



19 July 2016



  1. Reply

    Sahar Sultan

    15 July 2016

    This is so neat!

  2. Reply


    9 September 2016

    Those sock are just great!

    • Reply

      Pots of Tea

      9 September 2016

      They were so simple to make too 😀


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