Drinking my way to a Healthy Skinny Me: the Green Smoothie Diet

When I was younger I was underweight for many years; probably up to the age of 17. Then during university I quickly began to expand. I started working in a supermarket and as you can expect, with all the physical work, my weight began to fall. Now that I work in an office, my weight is piling back on again. It’s difficult to keep the pounds off when all you want to do is sit here at your desk and wolf everything down.
I eat so many snacks, especially if I skip breakfast – which is most days. In all honesty my eating habits are really poor. I never cook, never plan meals. After work I’ll either wait for some oven food to be made, or if I’m really hungry I’ll make something quick like cereal or soup. Terrible, I know.

When the weekend comes, and I want to pop on a pair of jeans, I look blankly at my wardrobe and realise none of them fit. When did I get so fat? Technically I am in the healthy range for my BMI (Body Mass Index) although my body doesn’t look healthy and it certainly feels a bit too squishy. I don’t exercise, or eat well, or get enough fruit and veg. I really am not doing myself any favours. I have a wedding coming up so that’s encouraging me to drop a bit of weight, actually that’s my main drive. If I use that as my reason to keep powering through then at least I have goal. I haven’t set a target weight, I just want to lose as much fat as I can. Be gone belly! hehe.

Losing weight isn’t easy. In fact it’s a bit more difficult for me because I have something called Urticaria. For me it means that when I exercise or when my body temperature changes quickly, I get a reaction which is similar to an allergic reaction. My face swells up, I’ll get a rash and very itchy skin, and sometimes I’ll struggle to breath. It’s not great.

Before I started getting urticaria, I was running regularly, reaching up to 10 mile long runs! I was at my peak. My fitness levels were incredible. I felt so strong and healthy. Then I started to get these hives and everything changed. Over the past two years I’ve tried countless medicines, but nothing has really touched it. They say that it’s not a life long condition, but I’m still waiting for it disappear…

I’d love to join a gym, workout and eat well. Lose weight like normal people should, but this whole exercise vs urticaria thing makes it so much harder for me. I thought it would be good to speak to my doctors about weight loss and find a way to do it safely, but when I spoke to my GP he said that I should avoid weight loss pills and do exercise and then he sent me out the door. Sometimes I wonder if the doctors are even listening.

I’d mentioned all of this to my sister, so when she watched a program on Channel 4, called How To Lose Weight Well, she decided to encourage me to try one of the diets from the show, the Green Smoothie Diet. Sounds gross right?

So what is the Green Smoothie Diet?

From what I understand it’s a relatively straight forward diet. You drink a green smoothie for breakfast, and one for lunch. Then in the evening you have a vegan meal. You can drink water and green tea.

That is the full list of things you can do. Notice how there are no snacks, no sugars, no fruit or veg throughout the day. It is literally three ‘meals’ plus water and green tea. If you follow it strictly, then you should begin to see a difference.

In the show this diet is listed as short term, so they only follow it for 2 weeks. I have no idea what you’re supposed to do after that. We can manage that hurdle when we get to it. There is not much else to tell.

What’s in a Green Smoothie?

Well my smoothies are based on 2 different greens and 3 different fruits, with a dash of liquid. Check out this pin which gives you an idea of what to include.


The greens shoulds be leafy greens or similar to that, so I’m not talking cucumber. Spinach, kale, pak choi are all good, but so are things like broccoli. I suppose it’s a bit of guess work, but try to aim for those sorts of things. My fruits have all been very sweet to disguise the taste of green. I don’t add any sugar or sugar replacements. Lets just keep it real and simple. To get a liquid smoothie, rather than a puree, you’ll need to add some water or a milk from coconuts, almonds or soya.

There are so many combinations to try, but I think the experimenting is the whole fun of it.

What equipment do I need?

Well you don’t need to go out a buy a flashy nutribullet even though you’d totally love one! I have a simple smoothie maker from Breville called the Blend Active, which comes with 2 drinking bottles; that’s really handy as we need to drink two of these a day! The washing up on this machine is minimal too, so I love it. I got mine in the Sainsbury’s sale for £18. We actually have a smoothie maker at home, but I didn’t have any drinking bottles. When I saw that similar bottles were £10 each, I decided to just go for this machine and bottle set. I am so glad I did. It’s really easy to use.


I also bought some new weighing scales because I found the old ones hard to read. I think my new ones are more accurate and they also tell you your percentage of Fat, Water and your BMI. I bought mine from the sale at Sainsbury’s for £11. They are weight watchers ones.

How much fruit and veg will I need to buy?

I’m currently on day 2, which means I’ve have had to make 4 smoothies so far. I’ve essentially used the same recipe and same fruit and veg for all my smoothies. To make two smoothies I used approximately:

60g Kale
1 Mango
1 Pak Choi
Two thirds of a Pineapple
1 Banana
One third of a tin of coconut milk

I went shopping on Sunday and I have definitely under bought. After two days I’ve had to go and buy more greens and a little more fruit. I had bought 3 mangos, 2 pineapples, a bag of kale, 2 pak choi, and a few bananas. I thought that would last me much longer and I had expected to freeze the mango and pineapple. In fact I’m whizzing through it!

How much smoothie do I need to drink?

The thing I struggled with was finding out the portion size. I wasn’t sure how large or small my green smoothie was supposed to be. The girl from the show drank a tall glass of it, so I figured that was around 350ml or so. On my first day I made about 420ml per smoothie. But on the second day I made about 380 ml per smoothie.


I’ve struggled to drink my green smoothies today because I don’t feel so hungry. Maybe the thought of drinking all day makes me feel rather full. I struggled yesterday. It was hard having nothing to chew and I was getting pretty fed up of drinking smoothies and water. I wolfed down my dinner in the evening, not even pausing to taste it. I just enjoyed having actual food to eat.


Remember I am literally on day two, so I have only had 1 weigh in, as today isn’t even over. I have already lost 2.75 pounds, that’s about 1.25 kilograms. I’m pretty pleased with that. I don’t expect to keep losing so much weight each day, and I expect the weight loss will start to slow down after a while. Just seeing a difference on day one though has actually spurred me on. I’m happy.

Have you very tried the Green Smoothie Diet? If not would you try it?



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    17 January 2017

    I may have to try this after I have my baby 🙂

    • Reply

      Sandeep Beep

      18 January 2017

      Oooh Congratulations! When’s the baby due?

  2. Reply


    23 January 2017

    Good luck and enjoy the lovely fresh benefits of good food!

    • Reply

      Sandeep Beep

      23 January 2017

      Thank you 🙂 It’s been one week and I’m loving it!

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        23 January 2017

        That’s great! I love my veges and think that plants and lots of them are the way to wellness ???????

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