Dear Mary, How does your garden grow?

Not so long ago we were a family of farmers. It’s pretty much all we did for probably hundreds of years. My parents’ fathers both worked on their own farms (whilst the women in the family seemed to take on the traditional roles of a housewife.)

With that in mind, I thought I must have some sort of genetic super-bility to grow stuff, and so I decided to produce some strawberries. I bought a cheap kit from Matalan, and all I had to do was plant the seeds in the packet, which had mud in it, then sprinkle it with water every day. That was easy enough. Soon I was starting to see shoots popping up and it was the most awesome feeling ever. These tiny plants soon became to feel like my own babies. I’d take care of them and do my very best for them. I’d be excited to see them when I came home from work, trying to see if they’d grown more.

Eventually the little plantlits grew big enough to move into their own pots!

Then came the part where I failed my plants.

I’d watered them and given them sunlight, but for some reason they just wouldn’t grow.

Now they’re all dead.

I guess farming (even on the smallest scale) has to be learnt, you’re not automatically born a farmer. With that in mind, I think I’m going to leave this project for a while. Who knows I might try growing stuff again next year, but for now, I’m done.


Bye Bye Strawberries




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