Black Friday: 30% off at Rifle Paper

Please don’t faint, I know it’s a shock! Rifle Paper have up to 30% off everything! They never do sales like this, so this is good, this is really good!


Santa is treating me to the Raven Address Book, Let’s Do This checklist pad and some super cute temporary tattoos!

I had looked at getting the Address book from Rifle Paper’s website when they were first released. They’re based in the USA and I’m in the UK, so adding international shipping costs made this super expensive.

I searched and searched until I finally found a UK stockist who was selling them for £30 plus £4 postage. Sadly they were sold out until next Friday. I had planned to buy mine when it came back in stock.

However when this 30% off came out, I did my maths and worked out that for an extra £6 (based on current $ to £ exchange rates) I could get the temporary tatoos and 2 checklist pads too! SOLD.

I had looked at adding the weekly desk pads. However due to the size/weight I’d have had to pay for the next band up in delivery charges. If I did that it would have worked out more expensive, unless I spent around $80. That’s something I forced myself not to do.

So there we have it, I am finally getting the Address book of my dreams and it’s one that should last me a life time!  <3

24 November 2016
30 November 2016



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