BamBam The Hat

The lovely folks at KnitCraftHQ recently posted a picture over on their Instagram asking for knitting bloggers to get in touch. When I saw the post my eyes lit up. Could I really call myself a knitting blogger? I had previously posted about my sock knitting experience, so I figured that counted… With that in mind I got in touch with them and they kindly sent out some wool!


Pretty soon I got down to business and started making a hat… well at least I tried to. In fact I made a handful of not-hats, before I finally decided to put pen to paper and figure out exactly what I needed to do in order to make a hat that could work.

I knew I had to start off with some ribbing – standard knit, purl, knit, purl business. Then after a nudge in the right direction of the team at KnitCraftHQ, I would add cables to the main body of the hat, and decrease the width as I got nearer to the top. I’d then finish with a bobble on top. It sounded oh so simple, and actually it really was! With my plan in place my hat ended up working out almost perfectly! I am so proud of myself!!


I’ll be sharing the pattern with you all very very soon! It just needs translating into regular knit-speak, rather than the random letter combinations that only make sense to me.

9 September 2016



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