Spreading love with an award

You may have seen this award dancing around from blog to blog. The award is by no means a night at the Oscars, but it’s just as special as that. The One Lovely Blog Award means that someone else thinks your blog is lovely and wants to tell the world. It also means that whoever has sent this award, has also received this award, which means their blog is very lovely too! So you see, it’s a chain of loveliness, gratitude and kindness. All the things we love!


I have had the honour of receiving this award from the wonderful Lochan who blogs at A Simple Arien. Thank you so much the nomination, I’m so happy to hear that you enjoy my blog!

So as part of the One Lovely Blog Award, there’s a few things I need to do.

Instead of scripting a ‘thank you’ speech, where I ask for world peace… oh wait that’s not the one…
Ah yes, instead of saying, ‘I’d like to thank my partner for all the support, to my pet fish for all the inspiration and to my manager for making this happen…’ None that that counts for anything here… nope, instead I need to list 7 facts about me! (Every blogger loves to share things about themselves, so this should be nice, fun and easy.)

Fact 1: I could never decided what my favourite colour was when I was little, so I just pretended it was purple, for the sake of answering the question. I still don’t have a favourite, so I’ll still tell you that it’s purple.

Fact 2: I am allergic to eggs and cashews. Now that you know my Kryptonite, please don’t try to murder me with either of these things. I doubt I’ll die, but I’ll probably swell up like Dudley’s aunt in Harry Potter.

That was worth the watch… I giggled far too much at that clip!

Fact 3: I am allergic to exercise… well kind of. I swell up when I am active or when there is a change in temperature and it can be incredibly annoying. I won’t bore you with the details but if you want to ask any questions, then I’m happy to answer them.

Fact 4: I am a tea and chocolate addict. I drink a billion cups of tea a day and eat about 30,000 chocolate bars every 5 minutes (give or take a few.)

Fact 5: Sausage, Mash and Gravy is officially my favourite meal. Even my best friend could confirm this fact.

Fact 6: I read every book in the school library in Primary School. The teacher called my dad in and told him to sign me up to the public library. I then went on to read every book in the children’s section of the public library too!

Fact 7: Secret Fact: This is the first time I’m telling anyone about this… well other than the handful of family that know this.
I don’t have a sense of smell.
Well actually, this fact is starting to change. I am slowly developing one and occasionally I will be able to smell something once every blue moon, but of course I have no idea what it is, or whether it is nice or not. It’s good thing when changing a baby’s nappy, but it’s dangerous as I can’t detect fire or leaking gas.

So there we have it; seven very different and hopefully surprising facts!

Now that I have shared my facts and thanked Lochan, it’s time for the best part of the award. Can I have a drum roll please?

The winners of the One Lovely Blog Award are:

The 6 Million P Man – this guy takes amazing photographs on film and I’m insanely jealous of his knowledge, camera collection and skills.

Mailbox Mermaid – her style is incredible and her mail is so beautiful. I love this girl and her blog and I’m so happy to have become her friend this year.  <3

A Beautiful Mess – now this is actually a huge blog, so you might know this one, but I still adore it. I love the DIY posts and the general happy vibes from this place. There are so many great posts on here, so you’ll be there a while if you start clicking around!

Helpless Whilst Drying – Rachel is one of my go to people when it comes to beauty. She knows her stuff and I think she’s tried almost every product under the sun. Last week I dropped her an email asking for some advise and she kindly took the time out to help me! Thank you! Not only is she lovely but her blog is too!

Polkadot Paradiso – You should check out all of the hauls from this lady and while you’re at it take a look at her posts about planners. There is so much pretty stuff here, you’ll wish you could buy it all! You’ll also wish you were nearly as half as organised as her. Can we just take a moment to admire her blog layout? It’s actually beautiful.

Pretty Things – Dominique is definitely one of my favourite people of the year! This lady hosts amazing giveaways, has fantastic blog posts and is just a genuinely lovely blogger. Her pretty item of the day choices are always amazing and I can rely on her to find the best things from Sainsburys (which I then go out and buy!)

Jumbleskine – Mariella has only recently got back into blogging and I am so pleased to see her return! I love this girl to pieces.

The Snail Mail – I’ve been following this blog and taking up a lot of advice from here. In fact this blog is the reason I joined Postcrossing, a site which allows you to send and receive postcards to people all around the world. Take a peek at this blog if you’d like to see what’s coming through the mailbox!

In The Frow – This is another HUGE blog, but it’s one of my favourites! I love In The Frow. I love everything about this blogger, from her style, to her adventures, to the way she presents herself online. I think Victoria is just someone I look up to on the Blogosphere.

So there we have it, 1 award, 7 facts and some of my favourite blogs! Well done to you all for creating One Lovely Blog!

If you’ve been nominated in the above and would like to accept your nomination then here are a quick recap of the rules.

  1.  Thank the person that nominated you and leave a link to their blog
  2.  Post about the award
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate at most 15 people
  5. Tell your nominees the good news.

Thanks again to Lochan for the nomination. I really enjoyed writing this post!






  1. Reply


    19 December 2016

    It’s great getting to know you Sandeep.. Love your blog.. Keep writing.. Let’s keep in touch..

  2. Reply


    20 December 2016

    Thank you my darling! 🙂 I need to follow all these blogs now! Oh and try Postcrossing, it seems so fun! 🙂

    • Reply

      Sandeep Beep

      20 December 2016

      It is fun, but I can get a bit expensive. Give it a go, send 5 out and see what you think. If you do sign up, then let me know how it goes!

      • Reply


        22 December 2016

        I’ll try with one or two but definitely after the holidays. Of course! 🙂

  3. Reply


    20 December 2016

    Thank you so much! I’m happy you get something out of my silliness. I only wish I knew 7 things about myself.

    Or 7 things, in general.

    • Reply

      Sandeep Beep

      20 December 2016

      Heheheh oh your comment made me laugh a bit too loudly! You’re funny 😀

  4. Reply

    Mailbox Mermaid

    23 December 2016

    I’ve been away from my computer for a few days and am only just seeing this now! 🙂 Thank you for your kind words and this wonderful way of spreading positivity! I’m so happy to have become your friend this year too! (And I also read every children’s book (and then proceeded to read many adult books that were way too much for me) in our public library as a child, so clearly we are meant to be :D)

  5. Reply


    17 January 2017

    My favourite thing about this post was that you nominated inthefrow! She might be a popular blogger with a professional blog who most probably won’t do the award tag, but that for sure doesn’t mean that she can’t have the award! She is an incredible blogger who deserves it!
    Aleeha xXx

    • Reply

      Sandeep Beep

      18 January 2017

      YAY! Someone else who loves In The Frow. She’s amazing 😀


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