Space and Triangle

As you may know I’ve recently taken up watercolour painting as a 30 part challenge, known as the PrePerfection Challenge. This means that I can paint and improve, but by no means do I have the pressure or expectation of producing something perfect. Well that’s the idea any.

However after sharing a few paintings I’ve been getting positive feedback online and also offline! This is awesome, but it also makes me feel like I have to create something relatively ok.¬†With that in mind, it’s taken me more than a week to even try and produce the 3rd piece. Well here it is… actually there are two…



These were both for the Space Challenge. I then managed to pick up the paintbrush again and complete number 4, the Triangle Challenge.

Meet my buddy, El Triangulo!


He took barely 10 minutes of a few quick swishes of the paint brush! That’s the kind of thing we like. Plus he was the first painting to be painted in a sketchbook. My other ones have all been on the back side of wall paper samples. #GreatWayToSaveMoney!


15 August 2016



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    12 August 2016

    These are all so gorgeous, great blog xx

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      Pots of Tea

      12 August 2016

      Aww thank you <3 xx


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