Sewing Delight

Hello! Sorry it’s been a while since I last published anything. Last year I had a million posts to write and a further two million excuses not to. I hope that this year I can take some time out to share things on here because I love to write and I really enjoy being able to share more in depth content. Instagram can only take you so far.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (@sandeepbeep) you’ll know that I recently picked up another new hobby. Over the years I’ve started to take more time out to be creative. I’ve ventured into painting, penpalling and I did a brief stint in embroidery. Now I’ve thrown myself into the world of sewing and oh boy, I love it!

I signed up for a sewing course last summer, and aside from an allergic reaction during my lunch break, I had an amazing time. The course covered the basics about how to use a sewing machine, and I learnt a lot!
I bought my own machine a few weeks later. Mine is the Janome DC3050 from John Lewis. I love it so much that I could write a whole post on it, but I don’t want to bore you.

Fast forward to a few weeks later, I had my cousin’s wedding coming up. I decided that I, an inexperienced beginner, could tackle a ridiculously big alteration project alongside a few other smaller pieces.¬† I guess you could say I’m ambitious or confident. Please bare in mind that I had only ever made a tote bag before.

Project 1

With my trusty sewing machine I managed to transform an Indian outfit, which was far too small, into something wearable!

As I look at it now, I can see what I’d do differently, but on the whole it’s alright.

For this project I loosened the top, removed the foam bra cups and added trims to the top and the skirt. The skirt had three trims added on; a simple gold, a large pink band and a mirrored orange trim to finish it off. I bought all these from a corner shop in Southall. The skirt itself was a bit of a challenge as the original hem was uneven. The front and back were the right length but the sides were too short. I had to level it all off using the trims, and it worked.

Will I wear the outfit again? Yes and no. I will wear the skirt again but I’d like to make a new top with sleeves. I’m dreaming of a bright pink top. I just need to find a sewing pattern for what I have in mind.

Project 2

After my first steps into sewing, I decided to sign up for a 6 week dressmaking course. I went back to the Carolyn Rose School of Sewing in Leamington and worked on a Ginger Skirt. We would spend two hours every Monday evening learning how to use sewing patterns; from tracing, to cutting and all the way to inserting zips! Sewing one skirt taught me a whole host of skills and the lessons I learnt during that course were invaluable.

Today I'm wearing my happy skirt. It's the most beautiful fabric with such bright colours. What makes it even more special is that I made it myself! I've spent the past 6 weeks @carolynroseschoolofsewing learning to measure, cut and sew. I'm so glad I signed up to the dressmaking course as I've completely caught the sewing bug. My sewing journey started only a couple of months ago and I'm amazed by how much I've learnt. Here's hoping that I continue to make more and end up with a wardrobe full of made-by-me clothes! #sewing #sewcialists #madebyme #isew #sewinglovers #colettepatterns #coletteginger #skirt #parrots #safari #onwednesdayswewearpink #colette #ginger #sewcool #sewweeklyyoucandoit #sewweekly #overexposed #toomuchbrightening #janomemakes #janomeuk

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Since then I feel like I’ve come on leaps and bounds. I’ve worked with jersey knit fabric, faux fur, viscose and rayon. Strangely I haven’t used cotton again which is by far the easiest material of the all. I guess I like challenge!

So what would you like to hear about next time? Another Project? My sewing space? Or perhaps my favourite places to shop for sewing supplies? Let me know in the comments below!


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