M&S: My Closing Chapter

Over the past few weeks you’ve seen me get cross with Marks & Spencer for having Syrian refugees and children, working illegally, manufacturing clothes. I have spent a lot of time reading, researching, asking questions directly to M&S, and listening to what they have to say.

So what do they have to say?
Well essentially they are working to fix things. Do I believe them? Yes somewhat. Sometimes their responses have felt like copy and paste answers; statements which explain company policies. It’s all well and good having company policies which are against child labour and such things, however it’s clear that these policies are being broken. So while policies offer no reassurance, it was good to hear that they are actually working on the issues raised and they are doing something about it.

That’s all we can ask for really. No one can expect a quick fix. What we can do is appreciate the efforts that are being made to put things right and make the world a fairer place. I appreciate your efforts M&S, keep trying to better yourselves, and work hard to put things right.



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    14 November 2016

    Well I’m glad they responded at least. More than most companies would do. However, I have to wonder how much of a priority they will give this subject in light of the proposed closures/changes in most stores up and down the country. Lets hope they keep at it, and we shall keep prodding them, hehe! 🙂

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      Pots of Tea

      15 November 2016

      Yes it will be interesting to see how things shape up for them. I hope they don’t go the same way as BHS.
      And yes we’ll have to call them out if they make any more mistakes!


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