Millennials aren’t so bad: Team Break Out!

Google the term, ‘Millennial’ and you’ll come across scores of negative press about an entitled generation seeking instant gratification. They are described as the, “Me, Me, Me,” generation. It’s not exactly a positive stereotype. In your search you’ll come across articles about young adults who can’t meet the needs of the workplace, people who can’t handle stress, or deal with negative feedback; the praise generation.

I think it’s time to put it out there, that this generation isn’t all bad.

Meet Team Break Out, a group of 16 to 17 year olds, which you’d label as a millennials. I can confirm they know more about social media than me and anyone else who was born before the 90s, but we could all probably guess that. Aside from being up to date with the latest tech, there is much more to this wonderful group.

Team Break Out are here to tell you that they aren’t the stereotypes you see them as, in fact they are the future and they here to make a wonderful positive impact.


This group came to my attention when my younger cousin Neena got in touch to tell me about her team and the work that they are doing in their local community. I was so inspired by them that I just had to share their story and offer you a new look into the lives of Millenials.

Over to you Team Break Out!

We are a group of 13 A Level students from Hamstead Hall Academy in Birmingham. We are currently involved in a scheme called Envision, which allows young adults to make a difference in their local community.

As a group we realised that domestic violence was prevalent in our community. Many of the victims of domestic violence are suffering in silence behind closed doors. They are braving the rush of their lives and then returning home to an environment of abuse; either physical, psychological, emotional or sexual.

Team Breakout have been breaking the silence on this issue by fundraising for victims and raising awareness.  We have put on fundraising activities like raffles, hosting several movie nights and putting on a fete in our school. All of these efforts have contributed to raising over £500, which we will be using to create 50 support packages for victims in Women’s Aid Shelters.  The support packages will provide a temporary escape from reality for victims and also provide them with vital everyday items which we all take for granted. The remainder of the money will be donated to The DASH Charity which works nationwide to support victims of domestic abuse.

We believe it is essential that as young people we try to improve our community because we are the future and without breaking the silence on domestic violence, it isn’t possible for our community to prosper and unite as one.  Due to this we encourage you to support our campaign and donate to the localgiving page because we cannot do this alone. Let us unite and break our silence; let us all stand up against domestic violence.

What an incredible group of teens! They have been working hard all year between lessons and in their free time to support their community and raise awareness and funding for an incredible charity. To all those who have labelled Millennials as self centred, I think it’s time to reconsider your views of them and perhaps support their efforts. They are really doing something amazing here.

Well done Team Break Out! Not only are you achieving something incredible for charity, but you’re proving that your skills aren’t just limited to self promotion on social media. You are proving that you have the skills to make it work as a team and in turn make an impact, which is what this is all about.

I’ll be donating to your chosen charity, to support your efforts and to help The DASH Charity continue to make a difference to the survivors of domestic abuse.



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