Let The Challenge Begin!

The PrePerfection Challenge has officially begun.

Last night I dusted down my drawing board, got out the wallpaper, washi tape, watercolours, paintbrushes, filled a mason jar with water, and I set to work on my first challenge – colour.



I used the reverse side of a piece of wallpaper, which I took as a sample from B&Q. The paper is thick, so there’s little chance of paint leaking through, plus it’s free, so it’s even better.

I mapped out some areas with washi tape and set about colouring the spaces in. It all began quite well and it looked really good, but as I went on with the piece, some of the areas began to get a bit furry because of the excess water. I managed to fix that by working on attempt number 2.



I peeled back the washi tape to reveal my masterpieces, and I was far more impressed by my first attempt. The colours were warmer, and looked like they belonged together. Whereas attempt number 2 looked more of a mess. I tried to fix the second piece by drawing on it, but it got a whole lot worse. It’s safe to say attempt 2 isn’t going to win any awards! (I’m not even going to photograph it in the state that it’s in.) Though whilst I was working on it, my mum did say she loved this one more than the first. (It was pretty cool to have my mum come in and praise my work.)

So here is my final piece from Challenge 1 of the #PrePerfectionChallenge!




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    1 August 2016

    Ooh I love this, such a lovely choice of colours – nice work!! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog! Hope you can check out/follow mine too: https://myhappycornerblog.wordpress.com

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      Pots of Tea

      1 August 2016

      Thanks! I wish I knew how I made half of those colours, as I’ve tried and can’t seem to do it again :/
      I’ve just flicked over to your blog and theres a few articles I’m excited to read. I want to know more about the book Everything Everything. I almost ended up buying it last weekend. I wonder if I missed out… I’m heading back to your blog to find out 🙂

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    4 October 2016

    Love this. Lovely complimentary colour combinations.

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      Pots of Tea

      4 October 2016

      Aww thanks Angie!


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