Painting has never been one of my strongest skills. I’m a fairly good all-rounder when it comes to being creative, but I don’t know why I struggle with paint. Perhaps it’s the fluid motion of the paintbrush, which takes time to master and command. Drawing is so easy in comparison; the pencil goes where you tell it to. A paintbrush is more unruly and wild.

Through social media, I’ve watched artists create and share their daily masterpieces. Art has become accessible over Instagram and I’m no longer browsing the works of world renowned classical artists, but instead I’m falling in love with the works of people who almost seem reachable. Age, location and status become irrelevant, as art becomes the focus. Portfolios of work by illustrators are on show, offering the most enticing visual feast.


Take a look at the work of @helen_dardik. I love getting lost in the layers of vibrant colours. Her work just shouts joy and happiness in these summery tones. Her use of colours leaves me envious and inspired in equal doses. I wish I could create art with so much brightness and vibrancy! Take a look at her timelapse videos; they’re just mesmerising.

Next up is an artist who needs little or no introduction.


When you run out of room on the paper.. 🤷🏻‍♀️✂️🖌

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Anna is the lady behind my favorite stationery and fabric brand, Rifle Paper Co!

Anna’s work is perfection. She makes the most beautiful prints. I can’t begin to tell you how obsessed I am with her (in a non stalkerish way.) Anna is the reason I wanted to start painting, and after attending a watercolour evening a few months ago, I’ve got even more passion for it!

sneak peek… new pattern in the works #riflepapercobts

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Everything is so floral and pretty!


I spent far too long trying to decide which pieces to share from @iraville. Please check out more of her work, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Iraville creates the most expressive characters, and it’s fascinating to see that they’re not all pristine and constantly happy. The women in Ira’s work are portrayed realistically, and their attitude is wonderful to see. Of course some of the women smile, but some give the most awesome side-eye or just look a bit cross. I can’t describe how much I love these characters. They’re almost a reflection of me. No body is perfect and Ira’s work celebrates that. Whilst the characters portrayed aren’t perfect people, Ira’s work is beyond perfection. I love the details and the warm autumnal palette. I have so much love for her (even a bit more than Anna Bond!)


So now you can see why I’m so obsessed about learning to paint. I just love these artists so much, and love studying their work; they’re all so unique. There is plenty to learn from on their feeds, so I’ll keep following and learning tips and tricks. I’m excited to master the skill of painting and discover my own style.

For now, I’ve got my paintbrush at the ready. My journey is only just beginning, but who knows maybe I’ll surprise myself and become a master of paint one day… you never know!


Painting Watercolour Kuretake - Kawaii Pen Shop

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15 November 2017



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