Far too warm for socks

This post is as far from seasonal as it gets. I may as well write a post about building a snowman! I guess I could schedule this post for several months in advance, but who’s to say this blog will survive my next deleting spree. I’m not very good at keeping blogs. I’m great at starting them though!

I’ve got distracted… Shall we start this post again?

Feet! Imagine you’re sleeping under the stars at Everest Base Camp. It’s nighttime and it’s cold, really cold. (It sounds amazing right now, given that we’re all melting in this heat.) On any normal day in Britain that description sounds fairly familiar. It can be cold (I think we Brits must feel the cold more than any other nation… I don’t think the Russians complain as much as we do, even when they’re in 3 foot of snow!)

Imagine your feet are super cold, and all you want for them is to be nice and toasty. With that in mind, I knitted the warmest socks on the planet*.

Drum roll please…


Knitted Sock 1


Knitted Sock 1 – Close Up

(Yes they actually stick to bricks. No magic required.)

My first sock was a bit loose on the ankle because I tried to knit it as un-tightly as possible. My grandma always says my knitting is too tight.


Sock 2

My second sock turned our far better than the first. I was knitting faster, correcting any errors, and actually used a tally chart to count my rows!

I’d been working on these socks for around a month or something, with a deadline set for this coming weekend to have them finished and wrapped, as I’d be giving them to Lauren at the weekend, for her birthday.

I am so pleased that I met my deadline, I think that’s actually a first. But now I feel odd for not having a deadline to work to. I need a new project!


Here are the socks once again! (Yes they stick to fence panels too)


If you’d like to knit your own pair, check out my previous post for the link.

*socks may not actually be the warmest on the planet, but my goodness, these are warm socks!



  1. Reply

    Fernanda Guevara

    2 August 2016

    I am no expert at knitting but that doesn’t stop me from admiring the beautiful things that are created by it. Your socks came out really beautiful, hope your friend loved them ?

    • Reply

      Pots of Tea

      3 August 2016

      Aww you’re the sweetest! Thank you <3 She put them on right away, so I think she enjoyed them 😀

      • Reply

        Fernanda Guevara

        4 August 2016

        My pleasure! ?


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