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Check out the latest hauls, amazing finds, and discover the wonderful things that I’ve bought recently. You’ll soon realise that shopping is my weakness, but it’s something I’m very good at!

Something New

Recently I’ve lost my patience or passion for writing. There is so much that I’ve been wanting to share with you but the thought of tapping away on a keyboard has lots it’s appeal. I’ve decided to do something different which a bit easier… well it’s only easier because I put zero effort in… Anyway,…


September 2010, a year into my life in Leeds, I moved into a 7 bedroom house with Vic, Emily, Charlotte, Jamie, Stu and Lauren. (Not forgetting our honorary housemates – Danny Hayes and Dan May. Oh and there was another Dan too, Dan Studd!) Yep 2010 is the year I got to know these wonderful people…