30 Pieces to PrePerfection

Having completed my socks, I now feel lost in the evenings as I have nothing to do. I have no sense of urgency or purpose. I could just get used to it and go back to wasting away my evenings… Or I could do something about it.

I’ve decided on the latter. So I’m setting myself a challenge, well actually it’s a series of challenges. I’m going to try new things, but give each project enough time for me to develop and grow. I don’t expect to become perfect, but I’d like to get to a point where I can begin to aim for somewhere near there.

So what sort of projects am I looking for? Well I’m considering watercolours, drawing, calligraphy, sewing. I’d like to give each project a solid 30 days. Realistically I know I’d miss half of those 30 days, simply because of work, or being too tired or some other excuse. That’s why I’m giving my self 30 moments / 30 pieces to complete. These can be as spread out or as close to each other as needs be, but I can’t move on to a new project until I’ve had 30 attempts at one thing. I think that’s a pretty fair way to do it. It should give me time to explore, learn, revise and improve. Then I can see if it’s something I’d like to continue with in future.

I’m looking forward to planning my first series. I’ll write again soon with more info on what I plan to do!

Yay to be being creative!!

19 July 2016



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